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Kid Koderz Is A Mars Discovery District Venture


Creating great people first. Each student drives their own learning experience.


Explore the world of minecraft, scratch, java, html, python, ruby and more!


Kids build great things here. Unleash their creativity and engineering powers through robotics. We compete in FIRST and VEX

3D Printing

FIRST Robotics, VEX Robotics competitions, intercollegiate competitions, university competitions and more

Design Thinking

3D Print whatever comes to mind. special programs offered for aspiring surgeons- parent and kiddie med-ed classes.

Entrepreneurship And Innovation

Entrepreneurship and Innovation is always incorporated into everything we do- monetize online.

Student- Driven Curriculum

All our clients already attend prestigious private schools with technology curriculum objectives. Kid Koderz offers the next step up of creative technology education, driven by each individual student's passions, learning desires and interests. No two curriculums are ever the same, and each student that goes through our programs, receives 100% custom written and assessed action plans and program goals from senior creativity experts.

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Disruptive Learning Model

Kids at Kid Koderz get right into the real world and discover what it really takes to become experts in what they love. We use a reverse engineering model that revolves around; character, ethics and strong technical skills acquisition. Because every single curriculum is different and individually written, all our curriculum processes are proprietary and not available in open source resources or any other competition in the market. If a student is able to monetize their creations for profit. Kid Koderz takes 0% profit. We take absolutely nothing, and put profits in a trust account controlled by the child's parent/ guardian, if under 18.

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Parental Support

Technology doesn't have to be more challenging than a Rubix cube. When you join the Kid Koderz family, you and your child are supported throughout your creative journey. We provide internet safety support and conflict resolution tips and coaching. Our Parent Help Line: 1(855) KKC-TECH ext 2, assists parents during moments of technological crisis.

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Create the perfect makerspace in your home and keep your kids engaged the moment creativity strikes. Please reference your shopping list as a guide to select the recommended pieces for your child.
  • Robots
  • 3D- Printers
  • Virtual Reality
  • Internet Safety
  • Decor